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Treatment Policies:-

Refunds will not be given for prepaid bookings. Sessions may be gifted to others providing they are in suitable condition. All  prepaid bookings must be completed within six months.

Charges and special offers

First Womb Therapy consultation: -treatment includes womb massage and alignment worth (£50), consultation and assessment with a dive into dietary, emotional, genetic and physical triggers and root cause analysis. (Worth over £60) It also includes a take home self care and healing program, in the form of videos, ebooks and sacred womb knowledge (worth £60)  Total price worth is £170. The charge is £110. Please allow 2+ hours. 


One off massage treatment (1 hour) £60

After the first consultation and treatment, further sessions maybe recommended,  packages come in 3, 5, 7, 9 sessions and discounts are applied.

3 sessions £165 ,


A package of 5 (worth £300) can be bought for £270! which also includes a complimentary pack of pelvic steaming herbs tailored to your condition,  and a castor oil pack with full instructions.


There is also a package of 7 sessions available worth £440 for £395 and includes herbs, a castor oil pack.


Package of 8 +(1 free) sessions worth £575 for £480 and includes complimentary herbs, castor oil pack and 1 extra complimentary cupping or massage session.

Hijama cupping is £40. Anyone having cupping alongside their mizan womb massage treatments, receives a disc​ount of £5 per session!

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