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Image by Zoltan Tasi

What will my first session of Mizan Therapy Massage be like?

At our first consultation it is a chance for me to get to know you and some of your medical history, We can look at some of the possible causes of the condition and what can be done to help it. I can build up a picture of what needs to be done to best facilitate Mizan to do it's work. I will recommend a treatment plan and give you advice of which herbs or tinctures you can buy (optional) to support your healing journey . I will also introduce you to 3 traditional practices used to help the body to heal. As a part of our first session, I will introduce you to the complimentary Self- Care massage video and explain how it is performed. Please wear loose clothing that you don't mind a little oil splashed on! Mizan massage is a very modest massage involving massage strokes on the lower and upper abdomen, back and legs. Most of the body is covered throughout and only the area being massaged is exposed. There will also be some pelvis and womb assessment and pressure points activated. It is a thoroughly enjoyable treatment and ladies look forward to every session where they feel they can chat or release stress or relax and just close their eyes.

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