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Mizan Womb Massage Therapy

Mizan Therapy for PCOS

When the womb is tilted, congestion in the womb and reproductive area builds up, obstructing the free flow of hormones which communicate with the brain. When the communication between the brain and the hormone system is unclear, periods can become heavy, weak, short or prolonged. To address this issue doctors often prescribe artificial hormones. In the short term this can help symptoms, but in the long term it can be more harmful to the body causing more confusion. In our initial session we will look to the possible causes of PCOS and how to decrease or eliminate them. We will look at the diet, emotional factors and exercise and how to create new habits which will help you manage the symptoms and improve your cycles and egg health. By working on the womb and the different systems in the body, hormones can settle, fresh oxygenated blood can reach the ovaries and increase the quality of the eggs and symptoms of PCOS can reduce.


Mizan Therapy for Fibroids

Fibroids can cause pain, fertility problems, low back ache, bowel problems, painful intercourse or irregular periods. For some they may need surgery and for others fibroids can disappear, but it takes determination to implement changes in your life. I will help you on this journey with Mizan massage, and implementing the home program. For some, the use of EFT, coaching and mindset support will be introduced. I will show you the diet and lifestyle changes you can make and recommend supporting herbs, to help flush out the fibroids. The Mizan massage Therapy will give your body the opportunity to move stagnation and heat up womb area so that the blood can circulate and relieve cramping associated with the presence of fibroids. It will help reduce toxicty in the area by activating the lymphatic system. Home remedies will be provided to use imbetween treatments.

Pelvic problems.


Mizan addresses pelvic problems such as imbalances of the pelvis, with your hips are posterior or anterior and spinal Misalignment can sometime affect the positioning of the womb and need to be corrected or balanced.In the treatment we can assess if you have any pelvic misalignment and give you advice on how to correct it. Many clients find the alignment of the pelvis corrects itself over a few sessions thus also helping the womb to rebalance itself.

Mizan Therapy for Painful intercourse


There maybe a few explanations for this, past sexual or emotional trauma, polyps or fibroids or the cervix lying to low. It can also be connected to a condition called vagilismus or poor cervical fluid. Treatment for all of these conditions have been covered in the above. We will work together to try to find the route cause of this symptoms and produce a home program to help eliminate vaginal dryness. Mizan Therapy will help increase comfort and release tension in the abdominal, pelvic, spinal and in the reproductive area so that the pain can reduce or disappear.

Mizan Therapy for Menstrual imbalances / irregular periods.....


(period pain, long or short cycles, heavy or light bleeding.) When the womb is tilted our cycles can become disrupted. The feedback system between the hormones and the brain becomes confused. When the brain receives confusing messages it doesn't know which hormone, the quantity and when, to release. By repositioning the womb, improving blood flow, releasing emotional tension, cycles will take a more natural rhythm and balance can be restored. Cleansing herbs can be introduced and I will introduce you to some methods to be used at home or in our treatment sessions to help regulate your cycles. The self-care massage is advised with all treatments and provided as a part of the wombh in ypour first session charge


Mizan Therapy for Endometriosis and Adenomyosis

Without the Uterus being able to efficiently cleanse herself, remaining blood builds up and hardens on the endometrium. When this continues it develops into endometriosis (uterine lining which gets flushed into the the body by the fallopian tubes). As it circulates around it lodges in different places within the body causing various degrees of pain and for some it is extremely painful and dehabilitating. With Mizan therapy we will firstly work towards gently centering the uterus in its most natural and optimal position. Systems of the body such as circulation and venous return, lymphatic , hormone and energy systems will be worked on helping to break down adhesions, relieve tension and bring balance to the body.. We will also provide herbal tinctures to flush out the already hardened menstrual accumulation and debris.


Mizan Therapy for Endometritis


(Inflammation of the endometrium). Inflammation comes from the waste and debris remaining inside. This happens when there is a misalignment of the womb restricting the removal of the waste and debris. Mizan, self-care and vaginal steaming are all ways to help release hardened blood and clean out the womb. Womb cleansing tinctures can also be purchased from myself to help the process.


Mizan Therapy and Uterine Polyps.



Mizan Therapy for Fertility Enhancement (fertility massage)


Mizan Therapy is a great way to support your fertility on the journey to pregnancy and birth. For optimum fertility, hormones in the body should be distributed effectively. Fertility depends on the formation of these hormones working in conjunction with each other. They must be released at the right time of the cycle, in the correct amounts. To nourish an ovum the vaginal membrane should grow thick and vaginal pH must not be too acidic, so to allow the sperm to swim. If your womb is tilted, it can lead to a build up of congestion and can result in the blood stream becoming toxic or blocking of the lymph system, making it difficult for it to dissolve toxic waste. Mizan helps to realign the womb, it nourishes and restores the reproductive organs by bringing fresh and oxygenated blood to those areas. It helps the body detox and the lymph to clear, and relieves congestion allowing a more balanced pH. If those women whose womb is already sitting in its best position, mizan massage therapy can improve the quality of the blood circulation, help remove toxins and access hormones which cause imbalances in the hormone system and it also increases energy and vitality. To become pregnant the womb lining should be a normal thickness to help the embryo implant. By using the massages and protocol given the thickness of the lining can also be helped.

Mizan Therapy and IVF (fertility massage)


Mizan is also beneficial for you if you are undergoing assisted conception such as IVF and will improve your chance of a successful outcome. By working on the channels of the body-blood, nerve, lymph and chi- we can support the body to be at its best through the IVF journey. Ladies can feel quite emotional drained at this time and I will support you with the massage, positive affirmations, introduction to self care and working on the body as a whole. The best time to start the massages is three months before IVF as this is the length of time it takes for the eggs to grow. Bearing this in mind whatever stage you start with the massages, they will always beneficial to the growth and nourishment of the follicles. Mizan Massage  is helpful during the IVF process and can be performed up until embryo transfer.. Pre-conception herbs or tinctures may also be advised.


Mizan Therapy and Pregnancy (pregnancy massage)

Aswell as being a qualified Mizan Therapist, I am also trained and qualified in MIzan Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage.


Mizan is very beneficial whilst pregnant. Starting in the 2nd Trimester, pregnancy massage is welcomed as it has the following benefits:


 -Supplies an improved circulation to mother and baby.

​-It tones and strengthens the uterus and helps the ligaments to support her and her baby

-It can relieve unwanted symptoms such as nausea and heartburn.

-strengthens the mother child connection, through stimulating oxytoxin and bonding.

-Can help to reduce the symptoms of SPD/PGP.

-Helps back conditions such as low back ache and sciatica.

-Relieves constipation, frequent urination, headaches and varicose veins.

-Encourages the most favourable positioning for the baby.

-Comforting for both mum and baby.


Mizan Therapy and Postnatal massage.


After the birth of the baby the womb can benefit significantly from a Mizan massage. Overstretched ligaments through pregnancy can impact on the wombs position resulting in some difficulties later on. By using Mizan, vaginal steaming herbs and the self-care massage the womb will be primed to reach its optimum position once again and the ligaments can be rested and repaired. It is advisable to start this treatment anytime 2-3 weeks after birth providing that any wounds are healing well.

Mizan Therapy and Menopause

Hot flushes, sleepless nights, heavy or waning periods, can all be a sign of the menopause. Mizan along with diet can help relieve these symptoms. Herbal treatments can also be recommended to help bring about balance. We will look at your diet and recommend any lifestyle changes.


Mizan Therapy and Miscarriage


 Although sometimes difficult to discuss, women are usually not provided with a way to release or express their grief. Mizan can help to release any blocked emotions, heal the womb and rebalance the hormones. The use of self-care massage video and optional herbs or tinctures will help with the healing process both physically and emotionally. as a practitioner. I will hold your confidentiality and treat you with sensitivity at all times.


Mizan Therapy and Prolapse of the uterus, rectum or bladder.

A suspected or confirmed prolapse is often a difficult health condition to live with. Often women only seek treatment when the prolapse has reached a severe stage. With Mizan therapy we perform the massage which helps with strengthening the abdomen and fascia so that the ligament and tendons holding the womb are also strengtherned which helps reverse a prolapse. We also work on inflammation and other symptoms related to the prolapse to help relieve the condition.

Mizan is recommended 1-3 times a month for 3 months depending on the stage of the pro-lapse. Self-care is absolutely necessary and I will go through how this can be performed and also provide you with the video to use at home.

If you would like to know more please get in touch with myself, your Birmingham Mizan Therapist. For those who can't travel to Birmingham I am also providing an online service which will teach you how to use the womb healing modalities at home aswell as provide necessary herbal treatments to help with your conditions.

Thanks to Mizan Therapy I have found myself pregnant. I only had 2 sessions and was nursing my youngest at the time. We had been trying for 18 months.After Mizan I found my cervical mucus increased and my cycles regulated. Hannah is very understanding and gives you her time.

May in Birmingham

I chose Hannah to give me Mizan Fertility Massage before and during the IVF process. Having had 8 previous IVF treatments, this was going to be my last and I was really ready for disappointment. Hannah talked me through staying positive, making dua and addressing any negative self talk. My results came back as positive, after all this time. Alhamdulilah

Rehana Wolverhampton

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