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Welcome to Femrevive!

Mizan Womb Massage and Related Therapies.

Femrevive provides a Mizan Therapy Massage and Holistic Therapy Clinic in Birmingham. Mizan Therapy (traditional reproductive healing) is a revival of traditional, holistic massage and lifestyle therapy, to heal womb and pelvic conditions and increase vitality and balanced energy. It addresses the positioning of the womb -helping heal female health and hormone conditions, throughout youth and the fertile era onto the wise Menopausal lifetime. We also offer Reflexology, Cupping and Hydrotherapy sessions.Find out more on the treatment pages.


Femrevive provides ladies only, pampering and adventure retreats, which awaken self- discovery and reconnection with the natural fitrah, our innate self.  Ladies only retreats create an avenue for sisterhood bonding experiences amongst like minded women, whilst exploring our inner world and developing the strength we hold within. 



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